Four Reasons Great Books Are Rejected by Traditional Publishers

In this great article by Terri Long, you can learn about why an independent publisher is more likely to decide to publish a great book than a traditional publisher (one of the Big Six)— if the great book is difficult to categorize, the audience is undefined, or the author is unknown. 

Traditional— and most independent— bookstores stock only from the Big Six and their subsidiaries and imprints. If many great books are bypassed by the Big Six only to be picked up by an independent publisher, that book— great and published as it is— still may never reach the shelves of Barnes and Noble, or the small indie bookstore near you.

Unless that small indie bookstore is Brainfood.

At Brainfood, we stock specifically from local and independent publishers— meaning that you can find the gem that HarperCollins and Barnes and Noble have missed completely.