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Brainfood Bookstore, an indie bookstore that actually sells indie books, is entered in the Small Business, Big Wish contest from Intuit. 15 winners’ wishes will be granted with $5,000 from Intuit. Brainfood’s wish is to use the funds to set up indie lit vending machines around Colorado. Their goal is to be nationwide in a decade.

How would you like to be able to walk into your local laundromat, put your clothes in the washer, head over to the vending machines out of boredom… and there, among the single-pack detergents and candy bars, you find a vending machine chock-full of independently-published novels, written right in your own community?

Here at Brainfood, we don’t believe in sending our customers’ money out-of-state to big publishers with limited literature. We believe in introducing readers to locally-and independently- written gems, to help support local authors and publishers and to maintain publishing as a viable field and career option for budding writers.

No, adding vending machines won’t add jobs at the minimum-wage level. But, the more indie books sold, the more careers become available in the world of indie writing. That is what our end goal is. When elementary students tell their teachers that they want to be a writer when they grow up, their teachers should be able to say, “That sounds like a great idea!” with a straight face. And no high school senior should be discouraged from writing because it ‘isn’t a viable career option.’

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